Our Njombe Project and Its Main Target Groups We Support!

Our charity is proud to have a few but yet well-established projects in Africa.

Today we want to talk about our Njombe project (NASTC) and what it covers.

Although the project is relatively new, it already has a few great successes and results that we have never even dreamt of! The primary focus of the project is to support artisans within both Njombe and Songea regions by supplying tools, sewing machines, machinery, training and backup service support. Our charity in Belfast collects all donations from Northern Ireland, refurbish them and send it to NASTC once a year. However, who can use these tools and sewing machines that we collect?

NASTC has a few main groups we try to target our donations to:

  • Rural women – 60-80%. Most of the tools and sewing machines are going to women. Africa is still in the proccess of establishing divercity at a workplace, therefore, it’s essential to support those who cannot get access to any job due to some political rules.
  • Vocational training centres – 10-20%. A part of your donations we sent to vocational centres. They already have an established system and support tailors in need.
  • People with disabilities – 8 SM free/year; 5 Starter kits/year. Our charity also try to provide at least 8 sewing machines and 5 tools kits free of charge to people with disabilities. Thoughout the years we have managed to help and improve lives of many people.

During our Field Trip 2021, we have helped to set up the project, help with paperwork and trained staff. Therefore, now they can maintain and refurbish tools and sewing machines when we are not there. So far, the project has had its first big success and provided three training sessions in May, July and September. We believe NASTC has huge potential, so we are looking forward to sharing with you guys its successes!

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