Tools For Solidarity is on radio!

For the past 35 years, we have been lucky with the amount of different opportunities given to us. Almost every year either via our former volunteers or local communities, we become a superstars and do a photo shoot, appear in newspaper, radio or even in video interviews. We never know what comes next but always happy to participate in any social event we can!

That is why our Tools For Solidarity team decided to dedicate this page to all our radio interviews so that you can learn something more about us.

Our organisation believe that when charity managers speak up about us, it’s nice without a doubt. However, what can be better when our volunteers share their international work experience with others? Right, nothing! In the radio interview down below you can learn more about our German volunteer – Rahel. She had a great interview with Tim on Radio YNP. Although it’s all in German, you can still learn more about our project and why it’s important to be a volunteer. In the interview you will also hear some really good tips on how to become our next volunteer. Therefore, if you want to learn a new language, and want to discover some German music – it’s that moment! Hope you will enjoy it and let us know what do you think in the comments down below!

If your German is a bit sharp, we suggest you to try our interview with – Stephen Wood. His experience with international volunteers in Tools For Solidarity started back in 1994! Find me another person who has 27 years of experience with changing youth life for better? I doubt you can find me someone like Stephen. In the interview you will learn everything about challenges organisation face every year and ways we cope with it! and how a part-time project became a full-time job!

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