Njombe Project


Tools For Solidarity send sewing machines to Africa. Why do we do it?

In January 2021 Tools For Solidarity went on a Field Trip to Tanzania. One of the main aims of the trip was to set up NASTC Project in Njombe.

Back in 2019, we found out that there is a huge demand in neighbouring regions for high-quality second-hand tools for carpentry, blacksmithing, building and furniture making. Consequently, we have decided to open a further centre in Njombe, about 4 hours travel from Songea.

Field Trip, 2021. Njombe Staff with TFS volunteers

Aim of the Project

The project supports and develops programmes in rural and urban areas of the Southern Highland Zone. The primary focus is to support artisans within both Njombe and Songea regions. Tools for Solidarity is supplying tools, sewing machines and training.

The main focus will be on providing the necessary resources and skills for artisans and groups to improve their income generation capacity and to meet the challenges that they face in running small enterprises. The project will target those people within the community who face extra barriers to income generation. The main focus is on women, youth, vocational training centres (VTC) and people with disabilities.

Field Trip, 2021

How are we planning to supply the project

Resources from the project will be allocated over the 2 regions. However, may also include other regions within the Southern Highland Zone. Over the 2 years period (2020-2021) the NASTC and RASTC will jointly deliver:

  1. Tools: TFS supply over 4000 tools. Just over 10% of the tools will be delivered in the form of starter kits for young people finishing VTC. The remaining tools will be used to support individual artisans or VTCs seeking selected tools or kits of tools.
  2. Sewing machines: more than 300 sewing and knitting machines. TFS allocate around 200 machines to artisan tailors with 105 allocated to VTC’s. The allocation to VTCs is vital as the training budget is limited and VTCs do not require skill training.

We will update this page accordingly to the new information we get from both parties. Meanwhile, you can check this page to know our latest news regarding the project. As for now we are happy to see the growth of our projects in Africa. Especially when we receive participants’ feedback from trainings.