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Tools For Solidarity receive thousand of tools donated by local people and communities that reflect the industrial history of Northern Ireland. We no longer produce basic hand tools with a good quality in the needed amount. In developing countries the situation with hand tools production is even worth. Therefore, it becomes harder and harder to find needed tools there.

We are campaigning now for contributions to our new Tools Centre, opening in the Autumn in Njombe, Tanzania. More information about the project you may find on this page.

In case you are able to donate even £1, please click the button below!

Video by Our International Volunteers!

How is it to be International volunteers? Our TFS youth made a video about it!

Tools for Solidarity cannot imagine its existence without international volunteers. Annually we host 7-9 volunteers through European Solidarity Corp (ESC) and EIRENE programmes. This year our team managed to make a video about their experience abroad! As well as difficulties they were faced with and skills they gained on the project.

We are happy to announce that the video is out and you can now watch it!

It is worth to mention that we are always happy to become a home for all kind of volunteers from a huge range of organisations around the world. If you want to be a part of the project, please contact us and we will discuss all details!

Belfast Tools and Sewing Machines are on a way to Njombe!

Belfast tools and sewing machines for people in Africa.

At TFS we all like games and some of us have been playing Tetris on our phone. If you are younger than 15 you probably don’t know what we are talking about which makes us feel really old. We never imagined that filling a container would be the same thing!

To summaries the situation, our organisation received 30 m3 container on Thursday afternoon. We divided our container in two parts, one half was for the Njombe project and the other one was for Ruvuma. We started with all the heavy machinery (compressor, pedestal, turning wood) and the tool boxes. To prevent a possible fall of all these stuff we stacked our big heavy boxes full of tools in the container as well.

This first part was finished on Saturday. On Sunday and Monday we filled the rest of the container with the sewing machines which will go to Ruvuma. The container left yesterday and should arrive in Tanzania in 7-8 weeks. In total the weight of the container is 11.41 tonnes! So we want to say a huge thanks to our volunteers who worked all the weekend to fill the container on time.

Our hardworking volunteers after filling the container

If you have unwanted tools and/or sewing machines and you want to help people in need in Africa, contact us for more information!

New International Volunteer!

You never know how people can find you and your project. In any case, we are always happy to welcome those who wish to volunteer in Belfast with us.

Welcome to the team, Birgit!

Teacher for disabled children, Birgit decided to take a sabbatical at the start of the year. This year full of adventures she decided to spend in some parts of the Europe. However, instead of resting and being a tourist she realised that can do volunteering work at the same time!

Birgit joined us a week ago and shared a wee story how she found out about our organisation. Apparently, she met our former volunteer in England. He was a Tools for Solidarity’s volunteer in Belfast many years ago. She was so fascinated by aims of the project that decided to give us a call!

Welcome to the team, Birgit!

Due to current situation with the virus and many restrictions that are placed by the government we didn’t know if it was a right time for a new volunteer to join us. Nevertheless we were busy preparing for the shipment and barely had any space! However, Birgit’s story inspired us so much that we decided to be her next destination on the journey.

We are so happy to welcome a new German volunteer in the workshop. Birgit has joined us for a couple of weeks. However, we hope she will enjoy her time with us and share her experience with others afterwards .

Want to join our team and become an international or local volunteer with Tools for Solidarity? Contact us and we will let you know if we have any free positions.