Wildlife in Africa. Animals that you see only on TV!

As we mentioned in a previous post, our team is back from a field trip! Now, let’s learn if Manon found something surprising or shocking there.

The most surprising thing that I found on the field trip is the way that wildlife is all around you! Although John did mention it to me before, I still wasn’t expecting it to be like that!

For example, when we were taking a bus, there would always be some animals on the road that you only see on TV! Like 50 monkeys crossing the road, completely normal situation there, so no one really surprised by it! But for me, I was constantly stopping and looking in the window because I simply couldn’t believe it.

Not only that but you could see giraffes, elephants and antelopes on a way to work. Sounds like another world but for locals, it’s nothing new!

In the next post I will share my experience with the local culture and food, so stay tuned!

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