Our Educational Programme is Heading to a Summer Break!

The school year is almost over which means our Education For Sustainable Development programme is heading to a summer break! And for our charity, it’s another chance to look back and analyse our results.

With our programme we help participants to be more conscious of the effects of their actions. Therefore, we try to evolve the programme every year so that students are aware of current global and local problems. And this year we successfully did so!

All the schools that we have visited are now knowledgeable in the next topics:


Relationship between poverty, inequality and exploitation of natural resources.

Resources Exploitation

Highlight the potential impact of personal behaviour upon the lives of others.

Inequality in the world

Imbalances in the world and understanding of the relations between local and global. 

Our charity is also proud to say that although it was a hard and unpredictable year, we visited 12 schools in all parts and areas of Belfast.

We believe next school year will be even busier and we’re already excited! Contact us, if you’re interested in the programme.

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