Art Exhibition 2011

An exhibition of video, performance, sound and sculpture of local artists inspired by the work of Tools For Solidarity.

Magic spread through the Edenderry Mill on the night of February 3rd, when people from Belfast gathered to attend “In Tools”, the very first art event held by Tools for Solidarity.

Local artists and volunteers joined forces to create art representing and inspired by the purpose of the organization: collect and refurbish tools and sewing machines that are then sent to partner organisations in Tanzania to give impulse to the country’s development.

The workshop was exceptionally transformed in an animated art gallery, where visitors could admire sculptures, painting, photography and projections while getting an in depth knowledge of Tools for Solidarity thanks to the enthusiastic volunteers-turned-tour-guides. Music by TCBOO showed guests that tools do have many different lives.

Works from Ben Allen, Paddy Bloomer, Katie Blue, Charlotte Bosanquet, Martin Boyle, Martin Carter, Fiona Goggin, Kirsti Kotilainen, Miguel Martin, Helen McDonnell, Tonya McMullan, Jennie Nash, Ryan O’Reilly, Sam Ruscica and Ross Wilson.

View the exhibition’s gallery here

Tools for Solidarity would like to thank Sign Co., Belfast City Council, Catalyst Arts, PLACE, Wickerman, Mourne Grange Camphill Community and all our volunteers for their efforts in making this event happen.

Fundraising Gig 2011

Paranoid‘s frontman Erig wrote:

Derry, Belfast… very good souvenirs… Everything was OK. Very well hosted from beginning to end.

Everything was well organized before we arrived, starting with our first night at pub (good atmosphere), then hosting, food, checking stuff, some free time without lost time.

THANKS a lot!!!

Especially to all the volunteers, to Stephen… and above all to Ell’o, who made everything possible and great: she managed to mix historic background and rock ‘n roll music, without forgetting Solidarity!

It was a terrific experience. Maybe our (my?) only chance to go to Northern Ireland, discover Giant’s Causeway, make gigs over there… meet and have a chat with local and true people…

Happy to have given good time with our music and our band

Nice bands…

kisses everybody…

A short message from Pierre, Paranoid‘s guitar player:

nice meetings, great fun, interesting cultural visits and rock n roll!

Thank you, guys!

Thanks: TFS would like to thank Le Bastille, local French Restaurant for providing a meal for the bands and French Bureau Export, Le Forum for financial support, all of the bands and the Warzone Collective, the Pavilion and the Sandinos.

Ana and the Snow

Today Belfast woke up under a thin, white layer (visible mostly on the Cavehill, to be honest…) and for Ana, our volunteer from Palma de Mallorca, was the first time to ever see the snow! Her parents were here to visit and they had the luck to share the same joy.

We thought it would be incredibly sweet to let you know…