The Fundraising Group consists of local and international volunteers who meet to ensure that money is always available for new and continuing projects. Breaking the requirements into separate categories allows us to focus on specific funders for particular areas. We make applications to a number of grant-giving bodies, and every year we hold some well-supported fundraising events.

The Fundraising group would like to thank all the organisations listed, and the many individuals and donors who support the work of Tools for Solidarity so generously. We couldn’t do the work without you!

Grants received during 2019-2020

Name of the FundraiserWhat the Fundraising is forHow it will help the project
Belfast Workshop
UnicornNjombe Tool centreSetting up costs
Archer TrustSVP running costsLunches and travel expenses
NIPSA Developing WorldNjombe Tool centreTransport costs for container
Chrysalis TrustNjombe Tool centreSetting up costs
Halifax FoundationTraining CoordinatorSalary
DfC Small GrantsSVP costsLunches and PPE
Lush Charity PotSVP costsRunning costs
DfC Small Capital GrantsCapital itemsNew electrical meters
Downpatrick Workshop
DfC Small GrantsWorkshop costsLunches and PPE
Black Santa AppealWorkshop costsLunches and travel expenses
Halifax FoundationWorkshop managerSalary
Telecommunity Fund Workshop costsLunches and travel expenses
Woodward Charitable TrustWorkshop costsRunning costs

As for now Tools For Solidarity is open for your donations. We are campaigning now for contributions to our new Tools Centre, opening in the Autumn in Njombe, Tanzania.  Please find more information here!