Fundraising Gig 2011

Paranoid‘s frontman Erig wrote:

Derry, Belfast… very good souvenirs… Everything was OK. Very well hosted from beginning to end.

Everything was well organized before we arrived, starting with our first night at pub (good atmosphere), then hosting, food, checking stuff, some free time without lost time.

THANKS a lot!!!

Especially to all the volunteers, to Stephen… and above all to Ell’o, who made everything possible and great: she managed to mix historic background and rock ‘n roll music, without forgetting Solidarity!

It was a terrific experience. Maybe our (my?) only chance to go to Northern Ireland, discover Giant’s Causeway, make gigs over there… meet and have a chat with local and true people…

Happy to have given good time with our music and our band

Nice bands…

kisses everybody…

A short message from Pierre, Paranoid‘s guitar player:

nice meetings, great fun, interesting cultural visits and rock n roll!

Thank you, guys!

Thanks: TFS would like to thank Le Bastille, local French Restaurant for providing a meal for the bands and French Bureau Export, Le Forum for financial support, all of the bands and the Warzone Collective, the Pavilion and the Sandinos.

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  1. Everything was good : organisation (thanx Ell’o) the people (Thanx the volunteers, the sandino’s, the bands : A-political, the reverb and running riot) the food (thanx Le Bastille) the beer (thanx ….). We’ll be back when you want! Eric (Paranoïd)

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