Books Donation in Belfast for projects in Africa

We are open for your books donation in Belfast! Do you have furniture building book/magazines you don’t need anymore? Or maybe you know someone else who’s ready to donate some of their furniture building library to people in Africa?

Books donation in Belfast

As you all know, we’re preparing for the shipment to Njombe. We’re almost finished with sewing machines and tools kits are on a way to be ready. However, this time apart from sewing machines and tools, we decided to send furniture building books as well!

You might ask how furniture books will help people in Africa. When you live in place that has an Internet connection to build a piece of furniture becomes way easier. However, not everyone is granted with it. Most of the times people in Africa build the type of furniture you don’t have to have any manuals to. This time we decided to show people in Africa that they are capable of building more than just table or a chair with tools that we provide.

Thus if you have any unwanted furniture building books or magazines, please give us a call 028 9543 5972 or come to our workshop 55a Sunnyside Street, Belfast, BT7 3EX. We’re open from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:30.Thank you so much and have a nice day!

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