Every 2 years Tools For Solidarity supplies our projects abroad with approximately 1000 sewing machines and thousands of tools. Therefore almost everyday we collect and receive sewing machines and various types of tools from local communities and towns.

Everyone who donated tools or sewing machines to us are always wondering where do they go or how does it look like now? Moreover, “How do we prepare our shipments?”, “How our boxes with tools look like?”, “How is it possible to transport safely all sewing machines?” are asked on a constant basis. However we are always happy to answer you on these questions.

As a result of it, we decided to share photos of our shipments’ preparation that you can find below! Hope you will be as impressed by all the hard work of our volunteers as we always are.

Shipment to Njombe (Tanzania), August 2020

Shipment to RASTC Project, June 2020

Shipment to Soroti (Uganda), February 2020

Tools and training for Livelihood in Malawi, January 2020

Tools4Change in Netherlands, October 2019

Shipment to Malawi, January 2019

Ruvuma Artisans Sewing Centre, October 2018

Shipment to Tanzania, October 2013