Open DAY November 2012 – It’s Happening!

In some parts of the world, people are in real need of tools to improve their lives. Tools are vital for development.

At the same time, in our homes, we have either unused or unwanted tools and/or sewing machines.

Therefore, refurbishing the tools and the sewing machines would not only be useful for those in need, but also more affordable and sustainable than buying new ones.

Tools for Solidarity collect and refurbish tools and sewing machines giving them a new life!

Tools for Solidarity host national and international volunteers in an inclusive way (volunteers with extra support needs), providing all the attention that might be required. The volunteers learn valuable new skills and concepts that can later be of some use to them. A sense of solidarity is created with a feeling that the work done is meaningful. It certainly can be a life changing experience!

Tools for Solidarity ship the beautifully refurbished tools and sewing machines in a container to its partners. But this idea won’t succeed on it’s own!

Local partners play the main role in their own development process. They organize training for capacity building on maintenance and operation at a grass roots level, and provide the necessary kits (carpentry, tailoring, etc.) at an affordable price. Only then can people truly be empowered by becoming entrepreneurs, hopefully generating their own income for a long period of time and producing high quality goods.

Here is the pdf file for the invitation if you feel like sharing this amazing event with your friends: Invitation_ODayTFS_NOV12

And here is the pdf file for the brochure: Brochure_ODayTFS_NOV12

And here is the facebook event.

Fundraising Gig November 2012

Tools For Solidarity presents a fundraising gig on the 25th to support the Mwanza Sewing and Training Centrer in Tanzania. We have two great artists performing live: Tony Kaluarachchi and Aidan Logan. Plus a disco session afterwards by DJ Singer.

Here you can find the facebook event.

Pub Quiz November 2012

Tools For Solidarity has organized a Pub Quiz to share some fun and culture with you, while at the same time we fund-raise for our cause. You’re more than welcome to join us on the 24th.

Here is the pdf file if you feel like sharing this amazing event with your friends: Quiz_Poster_NOV12

And here is the facebook event.