Our Organisation


Tools For Solidarity is a non profit organisation in Northern Ireland that runs entirely by volunteers. We are actively working towards equitable distribution of power and resources in the world.

Our charity supports artisans in the poorest countries of the world by providing high quality refurbished hand tools, sewing machines and training through local refurbishment centres within the regions themselves. This act of solidarity enables local people to have technical skills and knowledge to be more self reliant.

We need to understand that there is enough for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed. Our charity believes that people should live simply so that others can simply live!

Why is it that we in the so-called “western” or “minority” world with less than 20% of the world’s population consume over 80% of the world’s natural resources and produce a disproportionate share of the world’s waste and pollution?

Is poverty in the so-called “third” or “majority” world due to natural disasters or bad luck? Or is it the result of a system which exploits one part of the world for the benefit of another?

Watch the video below to see how Tools For Solidarity helps people in need.

Our aims

Tools For Solidarity has three basic aims:

  1. Provide to people, communities and projects in sub Sahara Africa basic hand tools and sewing machines. Received tools enable locals to establish small co-operative businesses as well as helps them to get new skills and improve quality of their own and community’s lives.
  2. Raise awareness in Northern Ireland about sustainable development issues within our own society. These issues include such fields as environment, waste and recycling, appropriate technology, self-reliance, sustainability and community development. We seek to improve and question what we do and how do we work with others to challenge wasteful, destructive and unequal growing pattern in our society.
  3. Provide opportunities to people in NI to participate in a valuable work. We are happy to work with all sectors of the community in NI. It helps us to provide sheltered placements to people with special needs and those who are excluded from being able to contribute to the society in a positive way.

On our website you can find more about history of our organisation, projects we work on and what do we do in general. Hope you will like it and thank you for your support!