Container Arrives at Jinja

After many trials and tribulations the container has finally arrived at the Women Rights Initiative (WORI) in Jinja, Uganda (check our previous post here).

This was the first time for Tools for Solidarity (TFS) to send a container to Uganda and there have been many difficulties along the way — however we have learnt a lot about the process so if we send another it should be easier!

The container carried kits for 12 vocational training colleges in central and western Uganda and 30 non refurbished sewing machines for our pilot project with WORI. We also shipped out items for other projects in Uganda including hospital beds for two health projects (check also the previous post here).

The container has been fitted out to be used as a sewing machine workshop.

Rose from WORI sent us a short email to let us know how things are going:

We have been busy but for the right reason, we have been making sure that the workshop is all set for the refurbishment and I am glad to let you know this process is already on going. Good luck Rose and the rest of the WORI team!

Rose from Women Rights Initiative on the left.

Many thanks to Al Lennon for the donation.