Ruvuma Project



In 2017 TFS together with SIDO established Ruvuma Artisan Sewing and Training Centre (RASTC) project in Songea. The main purpose of it is to support the artisan sector by supplying resources to them in form of tools, sewing machines and machinery, as well as technical assistance and training.

Aim of the Project

The main focus is to help artisan groups improve their income by providing necessary resources and skills for that. Therefore, the project is targeted at people within the community that face extra barriers to generate income. Aside from that, the focus is also set on women, youth, vocational training centres (VTC) and people with disabilities (PWD).

TFS together with SIDO in Ruvuma Artisan Sewing and Training Centre (RASTC) office

How the project is supplied

Resources from the project will be allocated over the 2 regions but may also include other regions within the Southern Highland Zone. Over the 2 years period the RASTC and NASTC delivered:

  1. More than 4000 tools are supplied by TFS. Just over 10% of the tools (500) are delivered in the form of starter kits (18) for young people finishing VTC. The remaining tools are used to support individual artisans or VTCs seeking selected tools or kits of tools.
  2. More than 300 sewing and knitting machines. The number of sewing machines allocated to artisan tailors is 200 with 105 allocated to VTC’s. The allocation to VTCs is vital as the training budget is limited and VTCs do not require skill training.

We will update this page accordingly to the new information we get from both parties. Meanwhile, you can check this page to know our latest news regarding the project. As for now, we are happy to see the growth of our projects in Africa, especially when we receive participants’ feedback from the training.