Books Donation in Belfast for projects in Africa

We are open for your books donation in Belfast! Do you have furniture building book/magazines you don’t need anymore? Or maybe you know someone else who’s ready to donate some of their furniture building library to people in Africa?

Books donation in Belfast

As you all know, we’re preparing for the shipment to Njombe. We’re almost finished with sewing machines and tools kits are on a way to be ready. However, this time apart from sewing machines and tools, we decided to send furniture building books as well!

You might ask how furniture books will help people in Africa. When you live in place that has an Internet connection to build a piece of furniture becomes way easier. However, not everyone is granted with it. Most of the times people in Africa build the type of furniture you don’t have to have any manuals to. This time we decided to show people in Africa that they are capable of building more than just table or a chair with tools that we provide.

Thus if you have any unwanted furniture building books or magazines, please give us a call 028 9543 5972 or come to our workshop 55a Sunnyside Street, Belfast, BT7 3EX. We’re open from Monday to Friday 9:00 – 16:30.Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Goodbye To Our Volunteer

Without our International Volunteers we can’t even imagine how to run Tools for Solidarity workshop in Belfast.

After all this years, TFS is still not used to the sadness of letting our international volunteers – that come to Belfast for a year – go. Today we have to say goodbye to our french volunteer Antoine.

Tools for Solidarity gives lots of opportunities to its volunteers. It is the exact reason why sometimes list of all tasks and projects one person did during his/her stay with us is enormous. Our volunteers are creative and mindful young people so that is a nice experience for both of us. We get knowledge from them and they receive some from us.

Antoine was one of these volunteers. He was a part of the sewing section and most of the machines that came to the workshop he probably repaired. It was also him who made lots masks for key workers and friends of organisation during lockdown in March/April 2020. Apart from that Antoine helped to train new volunteers and was an excellent teacher!

We wish Antoine all the best, and hope you know that you will be always more than welcome for any type of visit in the workshop!

Uganda Project Received Our Tools

When people donate tools to us in Belfast we make sure that it will go to people in Africa. Some of them we leave until a big shipment and some go straight into the box for our partners. That is exactly what happened to these tools.

Whenever we send our tools and sewing machines that you donate to us, we never know for sure when they will arrive to Africa. This time we had an extraordinary situation when only after more than two years, our partner in Soroti (Uganda) has finally received our tools carpentry. But as many people say, better late than never!

We are more than happy to receive news from our partner. Especially when it’s something connected to shipment. Also it is a great thing when they send us photos of people working with tools from Belfast in Africa. Because we already know that it will be in a well use!

If you have unwanted tools or a sewing machine we are always happy to receive it as a donation from you. To find out more about it, please contact us and we will give you full information!