Over the years TFS has supplied tools to numerous countries in the southern hemisphere. These include Ghana, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Most of these countries are in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region in the world.

TFS works with indigenous locally run partner organisations in these countries. They evaluate and assess groups of craftspeople in need of tools on behalf of TFS. They also arrange that customs and shipping handling charges are paid and that the tools are transported inland to the groups. TFS pays for the shipping costs to these countries but the costs inside the country are passed on to the groups. These costs have been described as negligible in comparison to their value for the groups.

Since 1984 over 20,000 hand tools and sewing machines have been refurbished and redistributed into the hands of over a thousand African craftsmen and women. This act of practical solidarity has improved their quality of life and given them self reliance and hope in their struggles to survive.

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