Tools For Solidarity New Leaflets

We have new leaflets!

In Non-Profit field many organisations raise awareness not only through their social media channels but also through leaflets. For some it might be an old fashioned way to run an organisation but many it is still a nice tool to have.

For a really long time we’ve been thinking to update it in order to present our organisation to you and our partners. Thanks to our publicity group and Jenifer in particular for the work they’ve done. We are happy to present to you the result of it and hope you will like it as much as we do!

Our new leaflets

What do we cover in it? In the leaflets you can find all needed information about our project. For example, where donated tools and sewing machines go to. Also main programmes that we have in Belfast, such as Education for Sustainable Development and Supported Volunteer.

We believe that this information will be useful for those who wish to bring their unwanted stuff but doesn’t know much about us.

Thus, if you want to help us to raise awareness about Tools For Solidarity in Belfast and Northern Ireland in general, contact us so we can give you some of these completely free. Thank you for your support!

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Donate to Help Our Project

Tools For Solidarity receive thousand of tools donated by local people and communities that reflect the industrial history of Northern Ireland. We no longer produce basic hand tools with a good quality in the needed amount. In developing countries the situation with hand tools production is even worth. Therefore, it becomes harder and harder to find needed tools there.

We are campaigning now for contributions to our new Tools Centre, opening in the Autumn in Njombe, Tanzania. More information about the project you may find on this page.

In case you are able to donate even £1, please click the button below!