New Projects

The Tool Centre Project

Tools For Solidarity has thousand of tools donated by local people and communities that reflect the industrial history of Northern Ireland. Basic hand tools with a good quality are no longer produced in the needed amount. In developing countries the situation with hand tools production is even worth. Therefore, it becomes harder and harder to find needed tools there.

In 2019 TFS came out with a project purpose to set up a Tool Centre in counties of Africa. By refurbishing resources directly in the country more tools will reach target groups. It’s also easier to understand local demand and needs if you live in the area. Thus, communities will receive tools and resources in the time and quantity they need.

As for now, it’s clear that the project requires a lot of support from TFS part and local people who can carry out different roles and responsibilities.

Hence if you’re interested about the idea of The Tool Centre Project or in need of further clarifications and additional information, please get in contact with us.