Mourne Grange

For many years Tools For Solidarity (TFS) has been working relationship with the Camphill Community Mourne Grange and we remain inspired by the principles and philosophy of this organization.

Mourne Grange is a community that was established in 1971 where people with special support needs (such as autism or down syndrome) work and live together as a family. In this village people work together to produce their own food such us vegetables, fruit and bread as well as raising livestock.

Mourne Grange

Mourne Grange is based on the ideal of mutual care and support. Through living and working together, the distinctions between various members of the Community are replaced by an appreciation that we all support each other, and that each person has a valuable contribution to make to the whole Community.

The relationship between TFS and Mourne Grange started in the late nineties when some volunteers from Mourne Grange and TFS did a tools collection in a town called Kilkeel. TFS also ran an international work camp where our volunteers joined the Camphill Community for two weeks.

Since then, the Mourne Grange volunteers were always interested in collaborating with TFS. In fact a group of volunteers worked in TFS Downpackick for a couple of years. From this the idea to form a tools group in Mourne Grange emerged. In 2010 this idea was fully realised and so far this group of volunteers has refurbished many sewing machines and tools for TFS. Refurbishing tools and sewing machines gives the residents at Mourne Grange a chance to learn new skills, participate in useful work and gain a greater insight into areas such as appropriate development, aid, waste and recycling.

TFS also has financial and fund raising support from the Mourne Grange. For all their efforts we want to thank to all of the people of Mourne Grange for supporting TFS. You are a great help.