Shipment October 2013 to Tanzania

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  1. Many thanks Nuala for the comment. We were told a few years ago about ‘All Saints’ and the windows displays and we were shocked at the waste of resources knowing how valuable this resources are in the hands of African tailors. We contacted the company and asked them them would they be willing to donate the machines to us whenever they decided to change de window display. We did not get a response. It looks like we are not going to get anywhere with ‘All Saints’.

    If you would like to approach the manager on our behalf we will be very grateful.

    The War on Want campaign has been very successful and in conjunction with the Belfast City Council appeal we have collected more than 400 machines in the last 5 months.

    Thank you for your support.

  2. I was recently passing branches of the All Saints clothing store.I admit that these were in London and don’t know if the following applies to the Belfast store.
    Part of their merchandising display was comprised of hundreds ,yes hundreds ,of sewing machines.It was so striking that my husband took a photograph.
    I was then by chance in the War on Want charity shop on the Cregagh Road and saw the notice about the disastrous fire that had destroyed so many machines.
    I do not know if anything would be achieved by contacting ‘All Saints’ but felt compelled to let you know.
    I hope I am not wasting your time.
    I’ve called at Edenderry a couple of times over the years to donate items and appreciate your work.

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