Relief Shipment to MSTC

As you will probably be aware the Mwanza Sewing and Training Centre was destroyed by fire in July of 2013. The fire destroyed almost all of the inventory of sewing machines as well as all of the office equipment. Thankfully the enthusiasm and commitment of all the staff of the MSTC was undaunted and the building that housed the MSTC has been rebuilt – all that was needed was replacement inventory.

With that in mind we here at TFS worked liked dervishes to put together a shipment that was dispatched in October. The shipment contained 370 sewing machines, 10 knitting machines, 6 industrial machines, 35 treadle tops and a full consignment of office equipment. The shipment arrived at the end of December.

The job is not yet finished but thanks to everyones commitment and hard work, potential castastrophe has been averted. As ever, the work continues.

shipment october 2013
Container sent in October 2013

 Click here to see the pictures filling the container