What do we do in TFS Belfast


Workshop in Crumlin Road
Workshop in Crumlin Road

In TFS Belfast, EVS, EIRENE and local volunteers work together to prepare the shipments which includes:

– Refurbishing and fixing sewing machines

– Refurbishing and fixing tools

– Fixing knitting machines, leather working machines, industrial machines and over-lockers

– Building wooden boxes to store the sewing machines and tools

– Sort out materials, wool and sewing machines attachments

– Refurbishing and fixing treadles


We also work in different subgroups such us:

– Publicity. We publish a quarterly newsletter to promote the organization’s work, publicize widely around the Belfast area that we make collections of donated tools and sewing machines and produce leaflets to explain succinctness the work of TFS. We also update the social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and website with articles and short news stories.

– Education for Sustainable Development. We work with students from primary and secondary schools and youth clubs with the main aim to raise awareness in topics such us poverty, inequality, exploitation of natural resources and fair trade. More info

– Fund-raising. We develop collection campaigns and write funding applications to be able to continue running our projects.

– Supported volunteers group. We prepare weekly the work for the supported volunteers and work in partnership with organizations for people with special needs. More info

– Partnerships. We have regular meetings to review the work that needs to be done, co-ordinate and plan with the overseas groups about the works taking place throughout the partnerships. More info about MTSC. We also work towards forming new partnerships.

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