MSTC – ‘The Phoenix rises from the ashes’

Six months after the accidental fire that destroyed the facilities of Mwanza Sewing and Training Centre (MSTC) we are glad to say that the centre has been rebuilt and the activities are now running normally. In fact MSTC is reborn even stronger and more motivated to face new challenges.

As you must remember, in this disaster 395 sewing machines, hand tools, treadles, office material, bicycles and separe parts for the sewing machines were all lost. Nevertheless the MSTC team ‘have done an amazing work in the last few months to resurrect the project’ — said Stephen Wood. According to the last report submitted by the project manager Jane Madete, between October and November 42 sewing machines were refurbished and 53 were delivered to the tailors. In addition 54 people were trained in the following areas:

  • Embroidery design

  • Cloth design

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Operation and maintenance

The training is essential for the tailors because they can improve their techniques and acquire new skills and competencies. On top of that they can learn how to manage their own business and thus generate a greater income.

In conclusion it has been a excellent job. Many thanks to the MSTC team for keeping this project alive!

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